Resolutions at Sweco AB’s annual general meeting and resolution on repurchase and transfer of treasury shares

19 April 2018

Are electric vehicles ready to overtake fossil fuel cars?

17 April 2018
Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with more people looking for alternatives to gas and diesel cars. A concern to many people is however whether it is possible to travel longer distances. We set out on a journey across Europe in an electric vehicle – and found a lot of challenges along the way.

Sweco helps improve safety in Poland’s rail network

16 April 2018
Sweco has been commissioned by PKP Polish Railway Lines to supervise safety improvements at railway level crossings throughout Poland. The order value is EUR 3.2 million.

Nomination Committee proposes that Åsa Bergman join the Board of Directors

13 April 2018
Sweco announced today that, as a supplement to its previously presented proposals, the company’s Nomination Committee proposes Åsa Bergman to join the Board of Directors.

Sweco’s Annual Report 2017

28 March 2018

Ann-Louise Lökholm Klasson new President of Sweco Sweden

28 March 2018
Ann-Louise Lökholm Klasson has been appointed new President of Sweco Sweden and will join the Group Executive Team. She has worked in several of Sweco’s divisions since 2008 and will replace Åsa Bergman, who has been appointed new President and CEO of Sweco.

Sweco to design new hospital in Finland

28 March 2018
Sweco has been commissioned for a new central hospital project in Hämeenlinna.

Åsa Bergman new President and CEO of Sweco

26 March 2018
Åsa Bergman has been appointed new President and CEO of Sweco. She has 27 years’ experience from various line manager positions within the group, most recently as president of Business Area Sweco Sweden. Ms Bergman will replace Tomas Carlsson, who is stepping down after serving as CEO for more than five years. 

Urban Insight report: Faster vehicles do not translate into shorter travel time

15 March 2018
Although we have the means to travel faster than we did 100 years ago, our average daily travel time remains constant.

Notice of Annual General Meeting in SWECO AB (publ)

14 March 2018

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