• Are you ready for the future?

Do you want your work to make a difference? Then Sweco is the place to be. At Sweco there is no distant future. We design it right now, ensuring that everything we need in society - from clean water and warm homes to efficient transportation and modern hospitals - becomes a natural part of tomorrow. Success requires a close collaboration with our customers and a deep understanding of their needs. A typical Sweco employee is approachable, committed to his or her customers, and has a recognised expertise.

High Standards
We set the bar high, but we also ensure that you have the opportunity to reach great heights. From the start, you will be encouraged to take responsibility and will have the chance to work on challenging, interesting projects as part of a dynamic team. You will also have leaders who are committed to giving you the guidance and support you need to perform at your best.
Getting Better
Because our work is about meeting the challenges of tomorrow, we need to always be one step ahead. This is why the continuous development of our employees is crucial to both your and Sweco's continued success.
Staying ahead
To us, continuous improvement is not optional - it's a requirement. It is also what makes Sweco such a rewarding place to work, regardless of whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced consultant.

Family-friendly Working Conditions

We want our staff to be fully concentrated on their work. To increase motivation and performance, we support them in balancing both working life and private life.
We offer you working conditions that leave you time for your family. As a Sweco expert you benefit from flexible working hours and company support for childcare.

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Sweco Academy

As we know that excellent staff is our working capital, we help them to actively develop their skills and personality.

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