Change in number of shares and votes in Sweco AB (publ)

31 July 2018

Interim report January – June 2018 Sweco AB (PUBL)

19 July 2018
Continued positive development

Change in number of shares and votes in Sweco AB (publ)

29 June 2018

E-commerce about to reshape our cities

14 June 2018
E-commerce changes our shopping habits – but also influences logistics, city planning and properties. The impact will become more and more apparent as volumes continue to increase.

Sweco confirmed as low carbon leader

04 June 2018
Sweco won the 2018 New Civil Engineer Low Carbon Leader Award and was recognised as one of the best civil engineering firms in the UK.

Change in number of shares and votes in Sweco AB (publ)

31 May 2018

Sweco acquires Avecon and strengthens its building services offering

31 May 2018
Sweco has signed an agreement to acquire Avecon Ltd, a Finnish engineering consultancy.  With the acquisition, Sweco is further strengthening its offering and presence in the Ostrobothnia region in Finland.

Investing in walking and cycling improves retail profitability

15 May 2018
Cities with a high proportion of cyclists and pedestrians have better air quality – this may come as no surprise. Less well-known is that this produces wider economic benefits and improved safety in city centres.

Correction of misprint in the note Acquisitions of subsidiaries and operations of Interim Report January-March 2018 Sweco AB (PUBL)

09 May 2018
In Sweco’s Interim Report January-March 2018 figures in the note Acquisitions of subsidiaries and operations on page 13 are misprinted. This misprint occurs in the text above the table. The error is insignificant and does not influence any other published financial tables or statements of the report.

Interim Report January-March 2018 Sweco AB (PUBL)

09 May 2018
A positive start of the year

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