“Sweco Architects” are a group of over 200 architects within Sweco GmbH and its subsidiary Jo. Franzke Generalplaner GmbH. Sweco stands for high technical quality, commitment to customer relationships and responsibility for project success. Together with their colleagues from Technical Building Equipment (TGA) and Structural Design, Sweco Architects implement ambitious projects. The integrated support of construction projects and the comprehensive consideration of customer requirements are at the centre of their activities. In the 2020 World Architecture 100 Ranking carried out by the British magazine Building Design (BD), Sweco occupies 5th place and therefore ranks among the five largest architecture firms worldwide. With more than 1,300 architects, we are the largest architecture office in Europe.


  • Office & Commercial Buildings
  • Housing Construction
  • Buildings in the Healthcare Sector
  • Special Buildings for Research & Teaching
  • Airports & Aviation
  • Monument Conservation & Renovation

The website unites all Sweco's architecture locations on one digital platform: Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany. The website shows the international network and the multi-faceted portfolio of Swecos architects: Hospital and laboratory construction, residential construction, office buildings, cultural and leisure buildings or industrial buildings, interior design, refurbishment, infrastructure planning and landscape design.