Balingen Hospital

New build Zollernalb-Klinikum Balingen

Landratsamt Zollernalbkreis

Project period:
2007 - 2015

Tübinger Strasse, 20, 72336 Balingen

Usable area:
15,400 sqm

The district council of Zollernalb (in the south-western German state of Baden-Württemberg) decided to expand healthcare capacities in the town of Balingen to allow operations in Hechingen and Albstadt to be downsized. Balingen had a hospital built in the 1980's but its structural and functional shortcomings made it unable to accommodate all of the hospital's clinical requirements.

Plans are in place to extend the existing hospital in a first construction phase and then in a second stage to demolish the existing structure and replace it with a new building. The two construction phases will result in a complete new building. The building work must take account of the needs of ongoing operations. As well as two new wards, the first phase will deliver a central examination and treatment area, A+E department, radiology, radiotherapy and the operating theatres and intensive care. Additional examination and treatment rooms and wards will be built in phase 2, along with the hospital chapel, kitchen and cafeteria.

On completion the building will have a central main entrance from where patients will be allocated to the different departments. The hospital's access system is clearly organised, it eliminates unnecessary distances and facilitates a compact usage of the building. An entrance for inpatients at the rear of the site guarantees a strict separation between outpatients and those unable to walk.

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© Images: Kim Oliver Gottschalk

© Header image: Friedemann Steinhausen