Hampton by hilton Hotel

Hampton by Hilton Hotel, Frankfurt am Main

Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH

Jo. Franzke Generalplaner


Building cost:
€ 11 million

Gross floor area above ground:
6,600 sqm

Gross floor area below ground:
1,200 sqm

The German city of Frankfurt has become more attractive in recent years. The city’s East End in particular – an area traditionally dominated by trade, industry and transport – has undergone extensive development. Near to the East Harbour (Osthafen) the disused Wholesale Market Hall (Großmarkthalle) has been extended with a 185-metre high twin skyscraper and remodelled to connect with the seat of the European Central Bank (ECB), opened in March 2015. At the same time, the local road system was redeveloped and upgraded, the two-lane Honsellbrücke strengthened and a new East Harbour bridge built.

As part of the neighbourhood's ongoing upgrade, a Hampton by Hilton 3-star hotel with 8 floors and 182 rooms was built on a brownfield site at the Ostbahnhof near to the underground station, the S-Bahn line and the European Central Bank based on designs by Jo. Franzke Architekten, now Jo. Franzke Generalplaner, part of Sweco Architects, with developer Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH.

Large-area ground-floor windows and a regular pattern of upper floor windows are prominent features of the reinforced concrete hotel. The windows are surrounded by metal frames that are angled on two sides to create a 3-D effect. The bright material of the thermally insulated composite façade with its facing of clinker strip tiles stands out from the adjacent building.

Another characteristic of the hotel is its eleven-metre high colonnade connecting the Danziger Platz with the green belt and affording access to the Ostbahnhof underground station. The green belt links the harbour with the city’s Ostpark on the site where the hotel was built. This section completes the spacious green area which is a popular local recreation spot for the people of Frankfurt.

The hotel blends harmoniously in with the existing block perimeter developments. It is accessed from Grusonstraße and is marked out by a closed, backlit canopy. The entrance zone accommodates a generous welcome area as well as spaces for the administration.

The guest rooms face the inner courtyard and the streets, while effective soundproofing is provided by the use of appropriate insulating windows. Given the hotel's proximity to the underground and overground railways, isolation measures were put in place to prevent the propagation of emissions from the adjacent railway tracks. The hotel is certified to LEED Gold.






Fotografie: Olaf Reuffurth, Frankfurt am Main