Southern campus residential area

Wüstenrot Haus- und Städtebau GmbH

Project period:
2019 – 2022


Usable area:
40.000 sqm

The South Campus Residential Development, a project comprised of multiple housing units and a day-care centre designed by Sweco Architects, is currently being constructed on a 4.4 Hectare site in Nieder-Eschbach, a south-eastern district of Bad Homburg vor der Höhe. Roughly 540 apartments are being built over seven stages of construction, and upon completion future residents will have a total of 40,000 sqm of living space.

The design is informed by an urban planning principle based on the strength of unity within diversity. The seven “clusters” of the South Campus Residential Development, each containing between 60 to 150 units, has been organized by varying façade typologies, together giving realised form to the urban planning vision. Controlled rhythms of horizontal and vertical apertures add character and subtle differences to the unique façades, clearly differentiating the buildings, eliminating any opportunity for redundancy or placeless-ness. The units, some of which are wheelchair-accessible, feature a balanced mix between 2, 3 and 4 room apartments with a slight weighting in favour of dwellings with 2 or 3 rooms. This lays the foundations for a vibrant neighbourhood that brings together people, young and old, from different walks of life. This variety is boosted by the range of apartment sizes on offer, from small and functional to large and luxurious. Families, apartment shares, and single people are all equally well served in this community.

Thanks to the harmonious layout of the formally appealing structures on the generously landscaped site, which echoes the principle of unity in diversity in its use of varied-species vegetation, residents in the South Campus will be able to enjoy an exceptional quality of life with plenty of natural surroundings; all apartments have access to their own private green spaces.
The buildings are also positioned to ensure that they receive as much daylighting and ventilation as possible. Optimised spacing between the units allows for adequate air circulation and good exposure to direct sunlight in the apartments, including their secondary rooms and open spaces. The local topography reveals minor inclinations and depressions, giving the dynamic structure of the buildings a harmonious balance with the landscape. The gentle slope of the overall area further improves the buildings’ south-facing exposure to the sun.

The design of the outside areas focuses on generous green spaces and provides a mixture of pocket parks, neighbourhood squares, play areas, and gardens. Care was taken to seal off as little area as possible and ensure that native trees and plants are cultivated in green areas. The neighbourhood is well integrated in the region thanks to a connection to the Bad Homburg bicycle path network and bus connections to and from Bad Homburg S-Bahn station.



Visualizations: © bloomimages