Project Management

The increasing complexity of construction projects requires a high level of expertise and a good understanding of interdisciplinary relations. We offer our customers professional project management and comprehensive support. Our philosophy is based on trust and respect.


  • Project control
  • Technical due diligence
  • Construction management
  • Project organisation
  • Cost management / time management / quality assurance
  • Contract management
  • Decision management / change management
  • Approval management
  • Project communication with PKS NETPlan®

Technical due diligence

To recognize existing needs is a key element for every project. To identify and analyze the needs with professional support and implement them into construction requirements, is the first step to a successful project. All involved team members need to be integrated.

We moderate the process and offer professional support but also question the approach to optimize your project. You will receive a well-structured summary with possible alternatives right at the beginning of the project. To identify all requirements, it is necessary to determine what existing features. Our experts take over the technical due diligence for nearly all areas of construction.


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