Sweco d.o.o.

Sweco is Europe’s leading architecture and engineering consultancy. In 2019, Sweco acquired JIE together with its German partner company imp. Sweco Germany, imp and Sweco Serbia (former JIE) combine their expertise and offer their clients an one-stop-shop experience.


  • GIS Services
  • GEO Information Value Management
  • 3D-Engineering
  • Routing
  • SEIL++


The advantages of airborne laser scanning become apparent in large-scale projects such as routes (overhead lines, pipelines), the inventory of topography or terrain modelling. Geometry information for large areas can be collected in a short time. Even in areas that are difficult to access, measurement points can be stored, and terrain information can be obtained. This data basis can be used, for example, to generate conversion plans, new construction plans or terrain models.

Laser scanning is the ideal tool for the fast and precise recording of complex systems or components, as a complete three-dimensional image of the local conditions can be recorded within a short period of time. This advantage can also be used for as-built surveys in the fields of architecture or construction supervision.

The evaluated laser data enables the building components to be modelled at the required level of detail. High-resolution photos from the scanner positions supplement the laser data.


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